Responsible management of cardiac health

A new generation of measurement devices designed for prevention of heart disease and stroke is now available to help you keep an eye on your health. As well as two premium blood pressure monitors with integrated arrhythmia detection, the new range of measurement devices from the pharmacy also includes a mobile ECG and blood pressure monitor for the prevention of strokes. The combined device is capable of detecting atrial fibrillation during a 30-second measurement and recording it on an electrocardiogram. The data thus gained enables the doctor to draw initial conclusions about the personal stroke risk and take targeted therapeutic action to reduce risk factors and optimise stroke prophylaxis. Since comprehensive stroke prophylaxis also needs to address risky lifestyle factors, the range of measurement devices is rounded off by bathroom scales for weight and body analysis plus an activity wristband for precise exercise analysis.

The blood pressure monitors meet all requirements for everyday clinical use They should deliver accurate measurements and medically reliable results. Special software allows the vital sign readings to be stored centrally, compared with each other and edited in easy to understand graphic form. The end result is a set of comprehensive long-term records of key vital signs which provides an accurate picture of your own health as part of a modern preventive healthcare plan, which the doctor can consult during diagnosis and treatment. The new measurement devices thus contribute to health maintenance and the prevention of serious secondary diseases.