Ein Veroval Cholesterin-Schnelltest liegt auf einem Holztisch zwischen einer Gabel und einem Küchentuch

Do you know your cholesterol level?

First of all, cholesterol per se is not bad. On the contrary – the lipoprotein that is produced by the liver is crucial for many processes within the human body, for example for the formation of cell membranes or as raw material for the production of bile acid, sex hormones and vitamin D. It is more a question of the amount.

Elevated values or not? A self-test gives a quick answer
Risk factors such as overweight, smoking, high blood pressure, an unbalanced diet with many animal fats and lack of exercise promote elevated cholesterol values. With a simple self-test, everybody can check if their cholesterol values are too high or within the normal range. The test should be performed regularly, because the consequences of prolonged high cholesterol such as heart diseases are irreversible. When the result shows elevated values, a change in diet and lifestyle can be discussed with the doctor.
High cholesterol values and possible side effects

High cholesterol values directly contribute
to atherosclerosis by forming deposits on the
walls of the blood vessels. This condition often
goes unnoticed for years. It weakens the heart
muscle, and therefore also the blood circulation,
and it can even lead to a heart attack or stroke as
well as to other cardiovascular diseases.

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