Die Verpackung des Veroval® Schwangerschaftstest liegt auf einem Baby-Body neben einem Trinkfläschen

Pregnant or not? For some topics, you want a quick answer.

You want to have a baby and can’t wait to know if you are pregnant? And – if the result is positive – which week you are in? Then the Veroval® early pregnancy test with week determination is perfect for you.

Early knowledge and week definition

There are many pregnancy tests, but not many that tell you as early as 10 days after conception if you are pregnant – even before your next period is due. Additionally, the early pregnancy test tells you in which week your pregnancy is.

Weeks of conception or weeks of pregnancy?

When using the test, there are two different week definitions in the information shown: first, the number of weeks after fertilization and second, the week of pregnancy. Here is the difference: as a rule, the first day of the last period is considered to be the start of a pregnancy and according to this counting method the pregnancy has a total of 40 weeks. However, fertilization takes place after ovulation, – the most fertile moment in the cycle – and this is usually around 14 days after your period. This means, when your early test tells you that you are pregnant 1–2 weeks after fertilization, you are in your 3rd–4th week of pregnancy.

Highly sensitive test
You want to know how the test works and how it can display a result so early? When you are pregnant, your body will produce the pregnancy hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). In the early phase of pregnancy, the hCG concentration in the body increases steadily. The hCG level starts to rise immediately after conception and continues to increase, doubling every two or three days. The pregnancy detection test indicates if you are pregnant as soon as an hCG concentration of 12 IU/L (International Units per litre) is present in your urine. Conventional pregnancy tests have a sensitivity of 20–25IU/L, so in comparison, the Veroval® early test is highly sensitive. If you perform the test and the result is positive, you should discuss the fact with your gynaecologist.

1440 x 1680 (6:7 Aspect Ratio)
1440 x 1680 (6:7 Aspect Ratio)