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Burning, stinging, bladder problems?

Many women have experienced irritations of the bladder themselves, e.g. mild burning when passing water or abdominal pain. The question is whether it is already a urinary tract infection or a bladder irritation and if a treatment with antibiotics is necessary?

Bacteria are mostly the cause
It is estimated that every second woman suffers from a urinary tract infection (cystitis) at least once in her lifetime. In general, bladder infections are caused by bacteria: viruses, parasites or fungi are rarely involved. Via the only 4 cm short urethra of women (in contrast to 20 cm in man) the germs – most frequently Escherichia coli bacteria – usually enter the bladder from the outside and lead to inflammation and irritation of the bladder wall. Coldness and a weakened immune system, for example by other diseases, favour the infection. You can quickly findout if you suffer from a urinary tract infection with the Veroval® self-test.

There are some preventive measures people can take to avoid a bladder infection.

1) Drinking enough fluids

If you rinse your bladder well with mineral water or unsweetened herbal or fruit tea, the risk of a bacterial infection is reduced.

2) Avoiding the cold

Don’t take a seat on cold places or stones. Also, take off wet swimsuits immediately after swimming to prevent a reduction of the body temperature – especially in your intimate area.

3) Using the toilet regularly

Emptying the bladder completely is important – not when it is bulging. Germs that could lead to an infection are washed out easily this way.

4) Direction of cleaning

When you clean your intimate area, always wipe from front to back. This reduces the risk of bacteria coming from the gastrointestinal tract into the urethra.

5) Hot washing of underwear

Wear cotton underwear and wash at 60° C – that will kill most germs. Furthermore, the underwear should not be too tight to avoid irritation.
Infection or iritation?      A self-test can help
Sometimes, home remedies are sufficient, but in
the case of a bacterial infection of the urinary
tract antibiotics are appropriate. When
treatment is administered quickly
complaints usually improve rapidly
and no further complications occur.
But before taking antibiotics to
fight the infection, one should
be sure that a bacterium is
the cause.
With the Veroval® self-test
“Urinary tract infection”
you’ll be sure in just one minute.
A sad looking woman is holding hot-water bottle to her stomach.