Intelligent tracking

for targeted movement analysis

The journey is the destination: Using the intelligent activity tracker

Movement is simply part of a healthy lifestyle these days. There are many different ways to move. If you would like to see both the details of your movement and an overview, this is best obtained using an intelligent activity tracker that specifically records and analyses various types of movement. The tracker also precisely records other physical parameters such as your pulse or calorie consumption. The advantage of this is that any deficits can be quickly identified and progress can be experienced objectively to motivate you.

All your data can be graphically displayed, administered and analysed using the Veroval® medi.connect app and software on your smartphone/tablet or computer.

Intelligent wristband for targeted activity analysis:

  • Precise recording of calorie consumption, duration of activity and distance
  • Individually selectable activities: walking and running as well as swimming and cycling (with stopwatch function and linked calorie display)
  • Comprehensive sleep analysis
  • Waterproof to 30 metres
  • With integrated wrist pulse measurement and a pedometer
  • Data can be shared between all Veroval® devices such as weight scale and blood pressure monitors
  • Data transfer via Bluetooth (Smartphone app)
  • USB Bluetooth adapter included
  • Data can be easily saved using Veroval® medi.connect app or software (coming soon)

1440 x 845 (288 : 169 Aspect Ratio)

Veroval® medi.connect

start page of Veroval medi.connect showed on a laptop screen

Login to manage your health: Easily store and analyse the data of your devices. You can compare different analytical periods (day, week, month) to automatically generate perfectly prepared images of your values. All the results can be printed out for your doctor or sent by email.