Eine Packung des Veroval® Gluten-Intoleranz Selbst-Tests liegt auf einer Holzoberfläche, die mit Mehr bestreut ist.

Recurring gastric complaints, like a bloated stomach, abdominal pain or diarrhoea – often after meals – may be caused by an intolerance to gluten, a protein which is found in different cereal-based foods, such as bread, noodles or pizza. In its most serious form – celiac disease – more notable weight loss may occur, as well as signs of deficiency or even skin diseases. Using the Veroval® self-test "Gluten intolerance” from HARTMANN you can quickly and safely find out if your complaints are being caused by gluten intolerance, and can therefore be reduced by a change in diet. All you need is a drop of blood from your fingertip and ten minutes of your time.

Abstract of how the test works

Close-up of two fingers holding a lancet that is sticking into an index finger
You just need one drop of blood
Use the lancet included in the self-test
Close up of two fingers holding a glass tube with diluent
The blood will be mixed with a sample diluent
It’s important to shake the mixture well
Close up of two fingers holding a pipette with diluent that is dropped into a test cassette
Drop the mixture into the test cassette
You can read the result after 10 minutes
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