Verpackung des Veroval® Selbst-Test zur Darmvorsorge liegt neben einer Rolle Toilettenpapier

Experts recommend regular intestinal check-ups for everyone over the age of 45. The reason for this is that non-visible blood in the stool may indicate intestinal diseases such as diverticulitis, colitis and intestinal polyps. Symptoms such as heavy diarrhoea or other intestinal problems might also be a reason for in between check-ups. Using the Veroval® self-test “Intestinal prevention” from HARTMANN, you can quickly and safely find out if there are traces of hidden blood in your stool, and whether or not you should consider taking further precautionary measures. All you need is a stool sample and five minutes of your time.

Abstract of how the test works

Drawing of hand holding a stick, below is a paper with stool
Take several samples from the stool
The tip of the sampling stick must be completely covered
Drawing of a hand holding a tube with diluent
The stool will be mixed with a sample diluent
It’s important to shake the mixture well
Drawing of two fingers holding a pipette with diluent that is dropped into a test cassette
Drop the mixture into the test cassette
You can read the result after 5 minutes
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