Verpackung des Veroval® Selbst-Test Eisenmangel liegt auf einer dunklen Holzoberfläche neben einer Tasse Kaffee.

Iron plays an important role in supplying the body with oxygen and in energy metabolism. Typical signs for insufficient iron are lethargy and exhaustion, frequent tiredness, pallor, headaches or lack of concentration. Even intense heart palpitations or breathlessness after exertion are also possible symptoms. Using the Veroval® self-test “Iron deficiency” from HARTMANN, you can quickly and safely find out whether your symptoms are being caused by an iron deficiency. All you need is a drop of blood from your fingertip and ten minutes of your time.

Abstract of how the test works

Close-up of two fingers holding a lancet that is sticking into an index finger
You just need one drop of blood
Use the lancet included in the self-test
Close up of two fingers holding a glass tube with diluent
The blood will be mixed with a sample diluent 
It’s important to shake the mixture well
Close up of two fingers holding a pipette with diluent that is dropped into a test cassette
Drop the mixture into the test cassette
You can read the result after 10 minutes
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