Couples who struggle with trying to conceive a baby often ask themselves what the problem is. If the man is the cause, then the reason may not be impotence, but a below-average sperm count in the semen that limits the possibilities to conceive. Using the Veroval® self-test “Male fertility” from HARTMANN, men can quickly and safely find out if their semen contains enough sperm to fertilise an egg. All they need is a small amount of semen and seven minutes of their time.

Abstract of how the test works

Put some Seminal fluid into the cup and let it rest for twenty minutes
You need to collect some semen
The cup is left on the table for 20 minutes
Fill syringe with seminal fluid
Draw the semen into a syringe
It then will be mixed with a sample diluent
Add the mixture to the test card and check result after seven minutes
Drop the mixture into the test cassette
You can read the result after 7 minutes
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