Healthy vaginal flora has a slightly acidic pH between 3.8 and 4.5. If the pH is higher, this suggests an imbalance in the microbial environment in the vagina due to bacteria or fungi. This is generally associated with symptoms such as a discharge, fishy smell, itching, burning or dryness. Pregnant women are especially recommended to check themselves regularly, because the infection is associated with many risks for the unborn baby. Women should also check their pH after sexual contact with a new partner and after therapies for vaginal infections as well as after surgical interventions on the vagina. Using theVeroval® self-test “Vaginal infection prevention” from HARTMANN, you can quickly and safely find out whether your vaginal pH is higher than 4.5. All you need is one minute of your time.

Abstract of how the test works

Remove foil from applicator
Take the test out of the foil
Take a swab with applicator
Hold the applicator by the round grip on the end
Now you can take the sample
Compare colour of applicator with colour card
You should read the result straight away
Compare the colour with the coloured fields in the information
1440 x 1680 (6:7 Aspect Ratio)