Drugs are psychoactive substances that influence the behaviour and moods of those who consume them. The consumption of one or several drugs certainly brings with it a significant level of danger. Long-term damaging effects to physical health like paralysis, heart damage, renal failure, damage to the immune system and the lungs are to be expected as a consequence of a potential addiction, as well as psycho-social problems like isolation, neglection of work, loss of friends and family, to name but a few. If consumed while driving a car, the drug user takes a risk in traffic, endangering his or her life and the lives of others. Young people are particularly at risk, because they tend to be more adventurous. Using the “Drugs” self-test from Veroval®, you can quickly and safely find out definite signs of the abuse of amphetamines, benzodiazepines (depressants), cocaine, marijuana (THC), methadone and opiates. All you need is a small amount of urine and 5 minutes of your time.

Abstract of how the test works

Take the test cassette out of the foil packaging
Then you should remove the protective cap
Collect fresh urine in a cup
Dip the drug test for at least 10 seconds up to the mark in the urine
Put the cap back on the test cassette and place it on a flat surface
You can read the result after 5 minutes.
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